Farewell, Wang Wei

Translation Note. Songbie, 送别, “Farewell.” Sometimes translated as “Parting Song.”Wang Wei does not identify Nanshan, literally, southern mountains. Likely they are nearby Zhongnan Mountains, sometimes called the Taiyi Mountains, just to the south of the war torn capital of Chang’an. Zhōng nán shān, 終南山. (But see note below.) Dismount while I offer you some wine,I…

Leaving Wang Wei

Meng Haoran and Wang Wei were 8 century landscape poets who shared a deep friendship. Meng was older by a decade, but Wang Wei was the more successful of the two. The two met in Chang’an, the capital, where Meng had come to take the Imperial Examination. Failing to pass, Meng sadly returned to Xiangyang…

In a Bamboo Grove, 竹裏館

Sitting alone, somewhere in a bamboo grovePlucking on a zither, whistling alongDeep in the forest, where I can’t be foundAt least, not until the bright moon shines I Want to be Alone We’re social critters who need to be strongly connected with other people. But, as every poet knows, solitude can be just as important….


whistling rain, gurgling water on a rocky shore, egrets rising and falling in crashing waves

Farmhouse on the Wei River, Wang Wei 王 維

Wei River Farmhouse The light at dusk cast shadows on the old grave stones The ox and sheep return down the shabby lane In the field an old shepherd reads to his son Leaning on a cane, waiting at the thorny entrance In the wheat stocks, I hear the crow of a ringed neck pheasant…

My Gift to Wanglun – Li Bai

My Gift to Wanglun As I, Li Bai, was about to leave by boatAlas, I heard singing on the shoreThough a thousand feet deep, Peach Blossom Lake may be,It compares not to Wang’s kinship to me. Original Chinese Characters 赠汪伦 李白乘舟将欲行忽闻岸上踏歌声桃花潭水深千尺不及汪伦送我行 Pinyin lǐ bái chéng zhōu jiāngyù xíng hū wén ànshàng tà gēshēng táohuātán shuǐshēn…

Farewell Poem 送別 詩

Wang Wei died in 759, and thus did not outlast the devastating events of the An Lushan Rebellion (755–759). In 756, the capital of Chang’an, causing great loss of life. Wang was captured by rebel forces and held as a prisoner but managed to escape. For this, he suffered a fall from the emperor’s grace….