Cui Tu

Cui Tu (崔塗; pinyin: Cuī Tú; also, Ts’ui T’u) was a poet of the late Tang dynasty.

The date of birth is given as 854, near the end of the Tang dynasty, which was 904; and the preceding decades were marked by rebellions, banditry, and lawlessness. This may account for the lack of information on Cui Tu’s life and his death.

One source says he was born in Jiangnan, an area south of the Yangtze River, but I have found no other accounts of his place of birth. This same source says that in 888 he passed the civil service exam, again without sourcing the statement.

Two of his poems are included in the Three Hundred Tang Poems, the first, Thoughts on New Years Eve, and the second, A Solitary Wild Goose. The first speaks of his journey to the state of Ba in the far western province of Sichuan, but it gives no explanation for the journey, mentioning only that he is separated from his family. The second poem gives us no place names.