Du Mu, 杜牧, (803–852)

Du Mu, 杜牧,  (803–852) was a late Tang poet, meaning he lived and wrote after An Lushan Rebellion (755 to 763). As the Tang Dynasty ended in 907, his career was near the end.
Du Mu was born in the capital of Chang’an. At the age of 25, he passed the imperial examination (jinshi), and thereafter held a series of minor posts starting as Assistant to Magistrate Han Chuo in Yangzhou. Little else is known of his life and career. His courtesy name was Muzhi (牧之), meaning cowherd, which explains one of his better known poems about the Weaver Girl and the Cowherd.

Du Mu pen and ink by Shangguan Zhou (上官周, b. 1665).
Du Mu, pen and ink, by Shangguan Zhou (上官周, b. 1665).