Liu Changqing 劉長卿

Liu Changqing came from the northern province of Hebei, his ancestral home was Hejian. The listed dates of his birth and death vary, but are generally given as circa 709 – 780 AD.

Liu passed the imperial examinations in 733, and held a succession of magisterial posts, weathering the disturbances of the An Lushuan Rebellion, then becoming governor of Suizhou in 780, during the reign of the ineffective Emperor Dezong. It is said that Liu fell into disfavor with the emperor on several occasions, was demoted, and sought refuge in mountainous retreats.

Seeking Shelter During a Snowstorm on Furong Mountain is an example of one of Liu’s poems. He also wrote several farewell poems including one to exiled poet Wang Wei, Farewell to Wang Leaving for the South.

Eleven of his poems are included in the anthology Three Hundred Tang Poems.