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The Tang Dynasty

The Tang Dynasty (618–907) was neither the first nor the last Chinese dynasty, lying somewhere in the middle of the timeline of Chinese history, and equating to Europe’s transition from the Dark Ages to the Early Middle Ages. Charlemagne ruled much, but not all of Europe. In the Middle East, Muhammad was beginning his prophecy.

Most modern scholars consider the Tang Dynasty China’s golden age, when its territory was at its height, trade and literature flourished, religious toleration was allowed, and ethnic groups co-existed, but not always.

China was often at war with Tibetans to the west and the Turks to the north. Internal conflicts and palace intrigues were the norm.

The Tang Poets

Chinese family names are listed first.

Luo Binwang, 駱賓王 (ca. 619–684)

He Zhizhang, 賀知章 (ca. 659–744)

Cen Shen or Cen Can 岑參, (715–770)

Liu Zongyuan, 柳宗元 (773 – 819)

Meng Haoran, 孟浩然 (ca. 689–740)

Geshu Han, 哥舒 翰 (died December 1, 757)

Li Bai, Li Bo, 李白 (701 -762)

Du Fu, 杜甫 (712-770)

Li Shen, 李绅  (772-846)

Bai Juyi, 白居易 (772-846)

Du Mu, 杜牧  (803-852)

Cui Tu, 崔塗  (854 – ?)

Luo Yin, 羅隱 (c. 833 – 26 January 910)

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